A: We have two goals for all of our programs. First, to help student-athletes become the best version of themselves on the volleyball court … and secondly, to help them become the best versions of themselves off the volleyball court. We know that we have a significant impact on these kid’s lives and want to see them become great young men and leaders just as much as we want to see them become great volleyball players!

We use a master coaching system, meaning all team practices are run by Director BJ Boldog, 3x AVCA All-American at Lewis University, and we use that elite training to maximize player feedback and repetition. We feel these two things, feedback and repetition, when maximized lead to better athlete retention and transfer into game-like situations. We train ugly, meaning we train in an environment set-up as game-like as possible. This is called “Random Training,” as opposed to “Blocked Training,” and science has shown us that this is one of the best ways to help athletes transfer practice skills into game performance.

q: What other costs are associated with the summer session?

A: Our summer session cost covers all training and tournaments, jerseys, and our clinic with the Lewis University Men’s Volleyball Coaching Staff. The only other additional cost is a $40.00 USA Volleyball membership - only for NEW players (players that did not play in the 2018-19 fall/winter club season). This membership is required by USA Volleyball to participate in a club program.

Q: HOW WILL teams be divided?

A: During the summer session teams will be divided first by age, then split relative to our numbers. We will keep high school/middle school teammates together during the summer session as long as it works out positionally and allowing each team to have 9-11 players.

q: what age group should my son participate in?

A: Refer to the below graph.

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 6.30.04 PM.png

Q: how long do the tournaments last / when will we know the schedule?

A: The tournaments will begin in the morning - around 8:00a - and go until 2-4:00p depending on your team’s results. The schedule will be released the week of the tournament and BJ will email that out to all parents / players.

Q: Where will practices be held?

A: All practices will be held at IBA - Illinois Basketball Academy - 460 Industrial Dr, Naperville, IL

Q: What other summer training OPPORTUNITIES are there?

A: We will have our beach training and tournaments , as well as All-Skills camps , and also have the opportunity for private lessons. Email BJ for private lesson rates and times!