A: We have two goals for all of our programs. First, to help student-athletes become the best version of themselves on the volleyball court … and secondly, to help them become the best versions of themselves off the volleyball court. We know we have the opportunity to have a significant impact on our athlete’s lives and want to see them become great young men and great leaders just as much as we want to see them become great volleyball players! We would not be doing our jobs if your son left our program as a better volleyball player, but had not become a better young man in the process.

We use a master coaching system, meaning all team practices are organized by Director, BJ Boldog, a 3x AVCA All-American at Lewis University, and we use that elite training to maximize player feedback and mindful repetition. We feel these two things, correct feedback and mindful repetition, when maximized lead to better athlete retention and transfer into game-like situations. We train ugly, meaning we train in an environment set-up as game-like as possible. This is called “Random Training,” and as opposed to “Blocked Training” science has shown us is one of the best ways to help athletes transfer practice skills into game performance.

Additionally, over half of our 2018-19 boys team coaches also were Assistants on college rosters! Tyler Yanez - Assistant Benedictine University, Luca Wanek - Assistant Aurora University, Jeremy Royko - Assistant Dominican University, and Eric Krasich - Assistant Benedictine University. This allows our gym to train with elite efficiency. This also helps our players, who are looking to play in college, connect right away with coaches at the next level!

If you come to Breaker Volleyball Club, your son will be treated with respect, encouraged to get out of his comfort zone, where all growth happens, and pushed daily to become the best version of himself on and off the court.

Q: what can my son do if he wants to play but has other commitments?

A: At Breaker Volleyball Club, we know that middle/high school student-athletes are very busy! We want them to be well rounded individuals! Science actually has shown us that being highly specialized in one area at a young age carries an increased risk of stress and anxiety, social isolation, and burnout.

All that we ask is for him to plan ahead, manage his time, and do a stellar job of communicating with the coaching staff about days / times he will not be able to attend!

Q: what age group would my child participate in?

Refer to the graphs below:

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 1.45.21 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 1.45.09 PM.png

Q: where are tryouts / practices held?

A: Tryouts will be held at the completely renovated Illinois Basketball Academy (460 Industrial Dr Naperville, IL).

Practices will primarily be held at the Illinois Basketball Academy (460 Industrial Dr Naperville, IL).

Q: how / when are teams divided?

A: Teams are broken up first by age group, and then by skill. Breaker tries to create the correct mix of players on each team in order to place every player in the best position to succeed. If there is more than one team in a particular age group teams are usually broken up a few weeks into practice.

Q: HOW many teams does Breaker have per age group?

A: During the 2018-19 fall/winter season, Breaker fielded 2 U18 teams, 1 U17 teams, 3 U16 teams and 2 U14 teams.


A: Our fall / winter pricing can be found on the program information tab. High School dues are $1,899 plus uniforms (around $300), and travel to out-of-state tournaments (around $85 total). National Middle School dues are $1,799 plus uniforms (around $300), and travel to out-of-state tournaments (around $285 total). Session 1 Regional Middle School dues are $599 plus uniforms (around $225). All players will also have to purchase a USA Volleyball membership at $55 for the year.

*very flexible payment plans are available